When's check-in?

Whenever you get here. Check out is at 10 am so you room might not be ready until noon depending on how many checkouts there are. If you arrive before that we can hold your bags and feel free to use the restrooms or snag some of the breakfast as it wraps up. If you come later, that's great too. The managers stay in the house so please arrive before midnight, on the technical day of your reservation. We need sleep too. 


How do I get to the B&B?

Once you step off the ferry, your quest begins. THE QUEST TO FIND THE HOUSE!! You have a couple options to get here.

  • You can take a horse drawn taxi (sadly they are not painted yellow) and have your luggage go with you in the carriage.
  • You could walk and lug your bags with you.
  • OR you could send bags ahead with a dock porter and walk to the house without them

Personally, I prefer the third option. If you send your bags ahead we will put them in your room so you could even spend the afternoon downtown, or maybe live it up and grab a meal. Who cares, you're on vacation! If you decide to walk, there is one easy way to find our location. The moment you get off the ferry, head right. If you can see the water, head left. Because there is only one main road it's so great for directionally challenged people. Not...uh...not like I am one. Ha. Ha. Ha...ha. 


How far is your B&B from the ferry?

The great thing about our location is that we are far from town. The only down side is that we are...far from town. It's at most a 15 minute walk, but feels great after a day of traveling, am I right? You really get to see Mackinac and look at the Victorian buildings (we're the best, tell EVERYONE). 


What is a dock porter and how much should I tip?

There is a rare breed of creatures found on the island called "dock porters". They evolved after a bellman merged with a bicycle in a freak hotel incident (lies). They can be seen hanging around on docks just send your bags to your B&B for your convenience. They can do incredible feats of magic (true)! Some can balance up to ten bags with their bike without using a cart! Please award these feats of strength, magic, and bravery with the appropriate amounts of $$$.

Ben with bags.jpg

How much does a taxi cost?



Do you rent bicycles?

Introducing the Gray Ghosts...uh, the Silver Sliders? No-the Accelerated... We have bikes! Bike rentals run $25 for 24 hours. And don't worry parents, we have bicycles for all stages of a child's growth, including tag-a-longs and Burleys. Helmets are free and encouraged. 


Do you take children?

For a couple days, but we give them back when you leave. (Kidding!) Children are more than welcome! The house is happiest when children are around. This is a family business and our family has made made many memories within this house. Come create traditions of your own.

We have two pack-n-play's that can be set up in rooms for the smallest ones so you don't have to worry about lugging that with you on your trip. Also, when kids are in the house the random chance of having waffles increases by 80%. Funny how that works. 


Do you have shared bathrooms?

We do. Small Point is cottage built in 1882 and that's just how things worked back then. The second floor has five bedrooms on it with two bathrooms while the third floor has two rooms to one bathroom. 


Do I need to bring towels?

We gotcha covered there, bro. We have big towels, hand towels, face towels, bathmats, all supplied in your room. There are even hair dryers in each bathroom so that's one less thing to pack!  


What's for breakfast?

What isn't for breakfast. We've had waffles with a homemade batter, homemade astrada, so many homemade muffins, the best homemade chocolate chip banana bread, homemade parmesan herb scones, homemade cheddar black pepper scones, cinnamon rolls made by hand in home (one might say homemade), beautiful homemade fruit strudels, and homemade coffee cakes. Wow it's so easy to get tired of saying homemade while working here because everything is homemade. #smallpointproblems

Those were just some of the rotating main courses. We always have fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, a selection of juices, milk, cereal, and homemade English muffins. Yeah, we even make our own English muffins. Top that. We also have enough coffee and tea to thoroughly hydrate and dehydrate an elephant, available anytime.  


When is breakfast served?

Good question. We don't know either. It really depends on the crowd. The latest it will be out is 7:30-8:00. Coffee and coffee creamer goes out around 6:30 but the house can have a mix of early risers and people who thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of a vacation. Which is great. We won't start cleaning up until everyone is down or if it gets close to lunch time. 


Do you have reviews on-line I can see?

Yeah check us out!! See why some people hate us! Only 2 of them are paid, can you guess which ones?? (This is a joke...or is it?) (It is.) 


Can I bring food for other meals? Do you have refrigerators? 

HA HA HA DO WE?! We do. It's great. When you get here just let us know and we'll show you the fridge that's hidden in plain sight. Use the honor rule and only use stuff that you put in there. I mean, no one has ever done something like that before but I thought I would tell you guys anyway. 

Chipmunk and squirrel levels are rising lately! Be warned! Leaving food out can be willfully misinterpreted as an offering the inhabitants of the island. They are grateful but will accept it without asking first. 


Can I look at the rooms?

Of course! If you want to know what your room looks like you can check the gallery page here, or look at individual rooms by flowers here.