How it all started: The Findley Family of Hospitality

In 1971, John and Lois Findley took a one year leave of absence from their teaching jobs near West Lafayette Indiana. Along with their seven children they moved to Mackinac Island, accepting posts at the local school. Needing a place to house their large family, they rented Small Point for the year. It wasn't long before the Findleys fell in love with the serenity of Mackinac and the beauty of Small Point, they decided to return every summer. When the house went up for sale in the spring of 1973, John and Lois jumped at the chance, and purchased Small Point.

Over the years, the Findley’s have worked tirelessly to preserve and restore Small Point. As their children left the nest, John and Lois began to convert bedrooms into tourist accommodations. After 43 years of being Innkeepers, they passed the management down to one of the children. Brian and Christina Findley now run Small Point and they are looking to pass it down to their children…when the time comes.