The Bridge

First off, the bridge is named after the island only because it has such a lovely view as it connects the straights of Mackinac. It's a bit confusing, yes, but it does not connect to the island. Sorry. 

On that note it is in the top five sights to see on your trip here. Don't worry, if you're afraid of heights or don't want to pay the toll to drive across it, you can still appreciate the sight. Actually it is best to view on the island. The ferry trip alone will give you enough time to bask in its glory. From me to you, I'll share one of my favorite spots on the island.

When you enter town, keep going. As always everything can be found on the main road. Go past the cute little turquoise library. There will be some beautiful (shocker) houses in which the islanders reside. Keep going. Finally you will reach the Mackinac Island public school, K-12. This is it. Your final destination. 

Why is it so special, you ask? Well because it has a perfect view of the bridge. Across the road is a little bench for the exact purpose of sitting and watching the sun set. If you have kids it is a great time to let them play on the playground and witness the beauty of the island. Taking a trip to the school can really leave a mark on your visit here on the island. If you stay out long enough to see the bridge in the dark you can get a view that is really spectacular. The lights on the bridge turn on and transform into something almost magical. Not to mention, on the way back you get to experience town after nearly everyone has left. I highly recommend you add a trip to the school as part of your Mackinac Must Sees. The bridge is truly a sight to behold. 

What kind of person would I be if I didn't show pictures of this famed beauty? See for yourself. Be impressed.



See those dots there? Those are cars. It's THAT big.


This is just a glimpse at how foggy it can get.


Sunsets behind the bridge are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Each one impresses me more every time. (It's also my screen saver).


Fun fact: these lights are meant to distinguish the bridge from the pitch black sky so planes don't accidentally crash into them. But, as I like to think of them, they're party lights every day of the year!

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