A lot of people ask us if we have cars hidden on the island.

Yes...and no.

We have a fire truck and an ambulance for emergencies only. Hopefully you will not have to see either one of them during your stay here. It's pretty rare for the fire truck to see some action, but the ambulance does clock in some hours. Mostly they tend to things like bike accidents where the person is unable to make it back to another part of the island (not frequent, but not unheard of). The ambulance also tends to basic medical emergencies that may arise. Also, police officers usually ride bikes just like anyone else. Unfortuantly, we don't have any Mounties. Sorry. I personally would love to see that.

There is another vehicle to be spoken of.

I call it...The Ghost Truck!

No, it's not the ghost of a truck. Actually it works with the police department to ensure the safety of tourists at night. The pickup truck goes out in the dark of night (with headlights on) to check up on anyone who may be out. Like...if some kids were having too much fun dangerously close to the rock shore. It's not generally spoke of since it only comes out around 1 in the morning. 

P.S. I'm sorry, I forgot to explain construction! The buildings on the island are not made by hand so occasionally you will see some flat bed trucks carrying supplies. During my time on the island I have only seen them being used to repair the steps up to Arch Rock. 


Elizabeth Findley

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