Fudge. Don't even get me started on the Mackinac Island fudge. Too late. I've started. 

Let me get personal for a moment. I love fudge to the end of the earth and sought after the best selection in the world. Now I haven't been out of the country, but I have been to a lot of states. None of the fudge I have tried can even compare to Mackinac Island fudge. 

My friends have asked me why the island was so obsessed with fudge. I...have no clue. Because it's amazing? Because it's magical? Because it's fudge? Does there need to be a reason?

When I was little my dad tried to explain why only Mackinac Island fudge tasted so good. You see, it's the air. The moment you step onto that ferry, you can feel the clean lake air. And when you step foot on the island, it is nothing like you have ever experienced. There are no cars to make regular pollution and clog up our oxygen. The trees blanketing the island pump out the perfect concoction of nature's finest elixir. That air is as much a part of the fudge as is the chocolate. In fudge making you have to move the dense liquid constantly on a marble slab so it doesn't crystallize. To do this is an impressive folding technique that is really quite something to look at. But each time it is folded, it captures the air and works it into the texture. The clean air brings out the flavors to perfection. A slice of fudge just melts into your mouth. 

It's the air. 


Elizabeth Findley

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