There are a lot of seagulls on the island. Most of them will ignore you (so long as you don't tempt them with food). The best sightings can be found on less popular parts of the island, although the ones in town can be pretty comical. 

First off, the seagulls are as apathetic as teenagers. They also have no fear of humans or horses. I have seen a seagull cross a street with a bored expression-completely indifferent towards the several bikers that screeched to a stop.  Occasionally you will a seagull sitting in the water as boats are going by.  It's especially hilarious to watch them float on while waves big enough to swallow them come charging. I personally think they are saying something like, "Yep.  Same horse crap every day." 

Do be warned though. They are not pets. Do not try to play with them. That is a mistake my cousins so happily made. They threw bits of pizza crust out and gathered a giant crowd of hungry birds. To top it all off, they ran over and stuffed the last slice of pizza crust into my hoodie. I was not pleased. In my poor little 9 year old mind, they formed a vortex of death with caws that chilled me to the bone. (Later my sister just said they chased me around. I like my story better.) Don't be worried though-we haven't had any Hitchcock reenactments yet. 


Elizabeth Findley

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