The Secret Season of Mackinac Island

Been wondering about the picture up there? Interested in what happens when everyone leaves for the fall?  Have we got a show for you!

Actually, we do have an actual movie for you to watch. It's called Ice Bridge and it can be found in just about any store on the island. But who wants a movie when you can hear some old Findley Tales of the Great and Terrible Childhood of the Seven Siblings! 

Back in the good ol' 70s, it snowed a lot in winter. There's a famous story of when my dad and his siblings would climb out of the window in Monday Marmalade, onto the roof, and jump into a bank of snow. They would then dig their way down to the porch and go through the process all over again. Also, when it gets super cold, the lakes literally freezes over.  The islanders use it as a bridge (hence the aforementioned name Ice Bridge) to cross over with snow mobiles. Except, the thing this, there tends to be many snow storms in the winter. And they reduce visibility. Also, some people are just bad at directions. To lead the way they use Christmas trees stuck into the ice at regular intervals. I personally haven't seen it but the pictures are breathtakingly amazing. 

About 400 people live on the island year-round. The tourists generally stop coming after labor day which is when most of the buisnesses and bed and breakfasts close down for the season. A bunch of the horses leave as well for the new ones to come in. Whenever they aren't on the island, they go to this really nice farm and get special treatment. I'm talking heated blankets, fresh hay, and pedicures. Or...whatever they call them for horses. It's a good trade for working hard during the summer/winter.