Rock Towers

When you're riding around the island, you may notice a bunch of rocks stacked in little towers. They are everywhere there are good rock beaches. What you may not know is the legend behind them. Roughly. As with every handed down story, who knows if it's the original. 

The Native Americans called them Wishing Towers. The belief was that you stacked up rocks while thinking of your great wish. The way I was told says each rock represents a reason why you want your wish to come true. The wind spirits will then fly by it and hear your wish. If they chose to grant it, your rock tower will be knocked down. 

If you're going to build one during your visit, it's best to do it on the first day you arrive (or around that time.) That way you can go back and see if it has been answered! Who knows, maybe the spirits will favor you!

Now I have to say there is something that I really dislike with a fiery passion. People will go around and knock them down. Okay, so, it's fine if you don't believe that bedtime story. Except someone took the time to stack that tower with care. Don't be mean and destroy it for no good reason. 

P.S. I made a rock tower in the summer of '14 (the picture shown) and when I went back the next day, it had fallen during a storm! I'd tell you the wish but I'm superstitious. Don't mess with a good thing going :)


Elizabeth Findley

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